Investors in Small and Medium sized Businesses

We are not a big Hedge or Private Equity fund that wants to buy up companies and merge them to create sole less entities. We are relatively small investors in comparison and are essentially just like you.

Why Work With Us

In the past we have started our own businesses and understand the problems that small business owners face on a daily basis.

Being an entrepreneur can be hard and lonely occupation. All the ‘blood, sweat and years’ it takes to create a successful business, we can relate to. We have worked long hours (sometimes without pay). We have worn the many different business hats (that don’t necessarily fit very well). Not to mention the personal sacrifices we have made just to see our business dreams become a reality.

Our aim is to invest in businesses that have room for growth so we can help them become the best they can be.

If this is what you would like for your business and you would like a safe pair of hands to continue the legacy you have created?


Who We Invest In

A general rule of thumb is we invest in businesses with a turnover of between £500,000 to £10,000,000.
We do not limit ourselves to this as businesses can be larger and others smaller depending on individual circumstances.

This is a good general rule and you will find that these sized companies will be passed over by the usual investment companies. 

For smaller enterprises we may have to merge into a current business we are investing in and help with the overall growth strategy. We do this with as little disruption to the businesses involved as possible.

For larger businesses we partner with other investors to make sure we give the business the best chance to thrive.
If you have any questions regarding this please contact us now.

How We Help

Tuckstone has three options in which we help businesses


We will take a look at your business and fix any existing problems. We will help you create systems and get the business working to the best of it’s ability.
You will have access to our team of business professionals which we have been told alone is worth the fee 10 x over. 

This option is not for everyone you must be open minded, be willing to listen and take constructive criticism. Accountability is a great way to get your business where you want it to be so we have created a mentoring membership which has monthly meetings to make sure you are still on target to hit your goals and to deal with any issues you may have. To discuss the consulting option and mentoring membership further please contact us


This is similar to consulting but we will actually invest into your business and become shareholders.
This is for business owners who need more help with the running of their businesses.

They may wish to take a back seat and do not want to be running the business day to day or maybe they need help with structure and strategy and are missing certain skills needed to run a successful enterprise in this fast paced world. Sometimes they want a partner to take the stress and worry away.
There are lots of reasons for choosing our partnership option if you have more questions or wish to find out more please contact us today.

Total or Majority Buyout

If you are thinking of selling your business and wish to make sure the heart and soul you have put in remains then this is the option for you. There are many reasons people wish to exit their business and most are not what you may think.

Maybe you have concerns about what is happening in the world today,  your loved ones may not feel comfortable with you going into your place of work everyday.
You may just wish to retire or have other interests that are more important to you. The reasons are countless and equally important to the individual.

Usually we find the business owners who go for this option don’t have a succession plan in place. They don’t have anyone to hand the business onto and are concerned about what will happen to the loyal staff if they did have to close the doors.  For good! 

Many business owners favour the total or majority buyout as occasionally the business owner would like to keep a small stake in the business, but not want to be involved in the day to day running. They become a sort of figure head. There to lend a hand [with their years of experience] to the new management team.

If you are looking to sell your business for whatever reason, want to discuss options or just want some friendly advice please contact us today.


What happens once you have contacted us?

Stage 1

We will ask some basic questions about your business. Dont worry its nothing too invasive at this point and nothing we couldn't find online. It just gives us a chance to see if we would be a ‘good fit’. There may be a short exchange of emails at this stage.

Stage 2

If we feel that we could work together or feel that your business is right for us to acquire we will arrange a telephone call to discuss things further. We will send you an itinerary of the call so you can prepare any questions you may have for us as well as any further information we may require.

Stage 3

Face to face meeting. We prefer to do this in person but due to the way our world is at the moment it can be done via zoom. This is where we get to know each other a little more and can discuss each other's needs and wants. Think of it a little like a first date!

These are very informal discussions. At no point during the first stages of our discussions are you committing to anything and you are under no obligation to proceed in anyway. After this stage we will all have a much better understanding of how and if we will work together and we will move on to the more formal negotiations or consulting it will feel much more natural while we are progressing.

Contact Us


If you are serious about a complete or partial exit from your business.

 Please book a Free 30 minute strategy session by clicking the button below.

 It’s a short zero pressure conversation which can be booked at a time that is convenient for you.

We will discuss what you and your business want/need and 

You will leave the call with a clear understanding of your options moving forward

We only have a limited amount of time available for these calls so please act fast!

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